Habemus Provinciarum Minister

After much anticipation, the friars gladly received the official news from Rome of the new leadership for the Our Lady of Angels province. The General Minister, Fr. Roberto Genuin OFM Cap.,  notified the brothers via email of the next superior and council members appointments.


As part of the Capuchin constitutions, the brothers gather every three years to elect among them who would lead the province as Provincial Minister and four councilors. Though the regular triennial election should have commenced in the summer of 2020, the COVID-19 situation have prevented the brothers from assembling to elect the new leadership. Efforts were made to postpone in hopes that the situation would allow the brothers to come together. The Capuchin constitution decrees the in-person voting must be held along with a convening presider from the General Curia of the Order. The brothers initially settled on meeting in Feb of 2021, but was eventually dismissed due to the uncertainty of the COVID situation. Reluctantly, it was decided to leave it the hands of the General Minister and his council to appointment the next leadership as prescribed in the Capuchin constitutions. Fr. Genuin asked the brothers to submit a consultative ballot on who they felt should lead that Province and it was used to aid in selection process.


It is in great gratitude to God that we announce the next Provincial Minister and Councilors for the Western America Province of Our Lady of Angels:

Br. Joseph Seraphin Dederick OFM Cap.Provincial Minister

Br. Hai Ho OFM Cap.Provincial Vicar

Br. Christopher Iwancio  OFM Cap.Councilor

Br. Tran Vu OFM Cap.Councilor

Br. Hung Nguyen OFM Cap.Councilor

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