Perpetual Profession of Br. Victor Taglianetti, O.F.M. Cap.

Father in heaven, source of all holiness, creator of the human race, your love for us was so great that you gave us a share in your own divine life. Neither the sin of Adam nor even the sins of the world could alter your loving purpose.
In the dawn of history you gave us Abel as an example of holiness. Later, from your beloved Hebrew people you raised up men and women graced with every virtue.
Foremost among them all stands Mary, the ever-virgin daughter of Zion. From her pure womb was born Jesus Christ, your eternal Word, the Savior of the world. You sent him, Father, as our pattern of holiness. He became poor to make us rich, a slave to set us free. With love no words can tell he redeemed the world by his paschal mystery and won from you the gifts of the Spirit to sanctify his church.
The voice of the Spirit has drawn countless numbers of your children to follow in the footsteps of your Son.
Among these you raised your servant Francis who professed evangelical holiness so that at the command of Christ crucified he might in himself and his brothers repair the Church, your dwelling, and renew it through holiness of life. Therefore, O Lord, look upon Brother Victor whom in your providence you have called to follow the poor, humble Francis, the lover of the cross. Pour into him the fullness of the sevenfold Spirit so that what he has promised today with joy and gladness through your giving, he may with divine assistance observe faithfully to the end.
May he be firmly established in true humility; may he be inflamed with love for Christ and a compassionate love for his brothers; may he prefer nothing to the commands of obedience; may he follow highest poverty, gird himself with the virtue of patience and not extinguish the spirit of prayer and holy devotion.
May he build up the Church by the holiness of his life, advance the salvation of the world and stand as a sign of the blessings that are to come.
Lord, holy Father, protect and guide this servant of yours. At the judgment seat of your Son be yourself his great reward. Give him the joy of vows fulfilled. Made perfect in your love, may he rejoice in the communion of your saints and praise you forever in their company. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen
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