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The Capuchin Friars Minor is a Catholic Religious Order of men, a reform of the Order of Friars Minor. We Capuchin Franciscans, inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, dedicate our lives serving the poor and marginalized, living the Gospel in fraternal love, while emphasizing a life of community, austerity and contemplative prayer.

Guiding Principles


Rooted in our Capuchin contemplative tradition and expressed in many forms


As followers of St. Francis, desiring to be conformed more perfectly to the crucified and risen Christ
  • We affirm that our prayer is rooted in our Capuchin contemplative tradition and is expressed in many forms.
  • We seek to witness both personally and communally to affective prayer.
  • We seek to become a living prayer and joyful presence to draw others to Christ.


Rooted in mutual love, humble reverence and respect for one another and for all people



We Capuchins are friars minor, little brothers to all, always rooted in the Gospels, humble servants with respect for one another 
and for all people.
  • Individually and communally, we commit ourselves to be in greater solidarity with the poor.
  • We manifest a compassionate caring attitude toward one another as brothers.
  • We affirm, animate, support and encourage the building of community.



Following the meek and humble Christ and sharing our joy as lesser brothers by walking with people of every social condition



As brothers of St. Francis, we faithfully follow the meek and humble Christ.
  • We cultivate a disposition of humility and respect of the dignity of others
  • We share our joy as lesser brothers by walking with people of every social condition and by 
being instruments of reconciliation.
  • We commit ourselves to the evaluation of our lifestyle, both individually and communally.

Latest News

After much anticipation, the friars gladly received the official news from Rome of the new leadership for the Our Lady of Angels province. The General Minister, Fr. Roberto Genuin OFM Cap., notified the brothers via email of the next superior and council members appointments.
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SENDING FORTH MASS OF FR. ADAN AS A MISSIONARY   Yesterday, Friday, January 7, at the closing mass of our XX Assembly, our custos Fr. Israel Maldonado sent forth our brother Adán Gomez  as a missionary to the land of the Amazon.   Fr. Adán
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Happy Friar Friday!   Today we’d like to introduce you to Br. Lance C. Love OFM Cap. He is the Business Administrator at the San Lorenzo Seminary. He has been a friar for 27 years!   Br. Lance was born in Oakland, CA and currently
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Some photos from Bay Area Friars retreat in January 2022.
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Is God Calling You?


Lay Brother

The vocation of the Lay Brother is an essential part of our Capuchin identity and way of life. Many of our Capuchin Saints were Lay Brothers who devoted their lives to serve those most in need as Porters, Infirmarians and Questors who begged for alms for the Friary and the poor. Today the brothers uses their professional skills and technical trade in working both within the needs of the Order and also in the community.

Ordained Brother

Some of the brothers are further called to minister through the Sacrament of Holy Orders. A vocation within his Franciscan vocation. A Capuchin priest is first and foremost called to live with, pray and serve his fraternal community.  He is able to serve the poor and marginalized by providing the Sacraments while working in a parish, chaplain in hospitals, prisons and schools, a missionary in the US and around the world, or as retreat Master and itinerant Preacher.


” let us work unceasingly at our own conversion and that of others


~ Capuchin Constitutions

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