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Discerning God’s Will: Finding Your Path

I know figuring out what God wants for your life can feel overwhelming. If you’re like a lot of young men, you might be wondering how to really understand God’s call and what path He’s leading you down. It’s a big question, but it’s one worth exploring deeply.

What is Discernment?

Discernment is all about listening to God and trying to understand His plans for you. It’s more than just making decisions; it’s about seeking His guidance and being open to where He leads. St. Francis of Assisi went through this too. He spent time in prayer, reflection, and service before he found his true calling.

Steps to Help You Discern

  1. Prayer and Meditation: Start by talking to God. Spend time in prayer and quiet reflection, asking Him for clarity and guidance.

  2. Scripture Reading: Dive into the Bible. Find passages that resonate with you and offer insights into what God might be saying.

  3. Seek Spiritual Guidance: Talk to a spiritual director or mentor. Their experience can give you new perspectives and help you understand your journey better.

  4. Engage with a Community: Being part of a faith community can provide support and affirmation. Sharing your journey with others can be incredibly helpful.

  5. Service: Get involved in serving others. Often, you’ll find clarity about your passions and calling through acts of kindness.

  6. Reflect Regularly: Take time to think about your experiences and feelings. Journaling can help you see patterns and gain deeper insights.

Join Us for the Come and See Retreat

If you’re serious about discerning God’s will, I’d love to invite you to our Come and See Retreat from June 28th to 30th in Santa Ynez. It’s a chance to step back from your daily life and really focus on what God might be calling you to do.

What You’ll Experience

  • Guided Prayer Sessions: We’ll have structured prayer times to help you connect with God.
  • Inspiring Talks: Hear from the Capuchin Franciscan Friars about their own discernment journeys and get some valuable insights.
  • Community Interaction: Meet others who are on the same journey. Sharing your experiences can be really powerful.
  • Quiet Time: There will be plenty of quiet moments for you to reflect and listen to God’s voice.

Why You Should Come

This retreat isn’t just a getaway. It’s a chance to really dig deep and seek clarity on your path. Whether you’re thinking about a religious vocation or just trying to understand your purpose better, this retreat is the perfect opportunity.

How to Sign Up

You can register through our website or get in touch with us at [email address/phone number]. Spots are limited, so make sure to sign up soon!

Wrapping Up

Discerning God’s will is a journey that takes faith, patience, and an open heart. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to support you, and the Come and See Retreat is a fantastic way to deepen your connection with God and gain clarity on your path.

I hope to see you in Santa Ynez. Let’s walk this journey together, seeking God’s will and discovering the plans He has for us.

Take care, and may your journey be filled with grace and insight.

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