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The Capuchin Food Truck

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‘For I was hungry and You gave me food.’ – Matthew 25:35

This past weekend we were blessed to finally launch the Capuchin Food Truck! As Capuchin Franciscan Friars and those who are followers of Saint Francis, our primary intention in life is to live, serve and foster relationships with those who are most in need. We follow the example of St. Francis who was deeply moved by the humility and compassion of God’s desire to serve as Friars minor, or little brothers.

What is the Capuchin Food Truck, you ask? In short, the Capuchin Food Truck is a ministry that provides direct service to the homeless in Los Angeles, a place that has been overcome with violence, despair and a diminishing devotion to faith. Much more than this though it is a means of fostering relationships with our brothers and sisters in need.

This food truck gives us the unique opportunity of allowing us to listen to their stories, put a name to their face, pray with them and provide hope and encouragement through the beautiful message of the Gospel. This ministry truly works as a means for entering into a genuine friendship with those who are suffering, those we have vowed to serve.

The Capuchin Food Truck will operate for the time being on a twice monthly basis. We will then scale operations up to once a week, with the eventual goal being able to go out multiple times a week. 

Thank you to all those who made this possible. You are truly partners with us in living and witnessing the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi!

Photos are from our January 2022 Capuchin Food Truck. Hover over and click each image for a larger view.


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