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Assumption of Mary

Embracing the Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary, a solemnity celebrated by the Capuchin Franciscan friars and countless faithful around the world, holds a special place in our hearts. It is a time to honor and adore the Blessed Virgin Mary, as we reflect on her unique role in salvation history. Today, I’ll explore the significance of the Assumption and share a few steps on how we can live out this solemnity with devotion and inspiration.

1. Understanding the Assumption:

The Assumption of Mary refers to the truth that, at the end of Mary’s earthly life, her body and soul were taken into heaven. This dogma, declared by Pope Pius XII in 1950, affirms the special place Mary holds in God’s plan for humanity. As Capuchin Franciscan friars, we deeply revere Mary as the Mother of God and the perfect model of faith and obedience.

2. Adoring Mary:

Adoration of Mary is at the core of Catholic spirituality. We recognize her as the Queen of Heaven, the one who intercedes for us and leads us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. Through prayer, we express our love and devotion to Mary, seeking her guidance and protection. Whether it’s reciting the Rosary, offering hymns of praise, or simply spending quiet moments in contemplation, adoring Mary allows us to deepen our relationship with her and draw inspiration from her unwavering faith.

3. Embracing Mary’s Virtues:

Mary’s life is a testament to virtues that we can strive to emulate. Her humility, obedience, and unwavering trust in God serve as a guiding light for our own spiritual journey. On the solemnity of the Assumption, we can reflect on these virtues and seek to incorporate them into our daily lives. By practicing humility, surrendering our will to God’s, and trusting in His providence, we can grow closer to Mary’s example and deepen our relationship with Christ.

4. Living Out the Assumption:

To live out the Assumption well, we can take practical steps that align with Mary’s virtues. Firstly, we can make time for prayer and reflection, seeking moments of silence to listen to God’s voice. Secondly, we can strive to serve others with humility and compassion, following Mary’s example of selflessness. Thirdly, we can deepen our understanding of the Catholic faith, studying Scripture and the teachings of the Church, just as Mary pondered and treasured the words of God in her heart.


The Assumption of Mary is a beautiful solemnity that invites us to adore and honor the Blessed Virgin. As Capuchin Franciscan friars, we find inspiration in Mary’s life and seek to follow her example of faith, humility, and obedience. By embracing the Assumption, we can deepen our relationship with Mary, draw closer to her Son, Jesus Christ, and strive to live out her virtues in our daily lives. May this solemnity be a time of adoration, reflection, and spiritual growth for all who celebrate it. Also, it is a holy day of obligation, so don’t forget to make it to mass!


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