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Friar Friday – Father Joseph Seraphin, OFM Cap.

Happy Friar Friday!! Another week has passed and we are SO excited to introduce you to Father Joseph Seraphin OFM Cap! He is currently the Provincial Minister and has been a friar for 21 years. He was born in Southern California and now lives at a friary in the San Francisco area.

An interesting fact about our Brother is that he once watched the sun setting while sitting on the great Pyramid outside of Cairo, Egypt!! This makes sense as his favorite time of day is sunset! In his free time he can be found playing an instrument, reading a book or putting together a puzzle.

We asked Brother Joseph when he knew he wanted to join the Brotherhood and he replied, “I realized I wanted to enter the Capuchin Franciscan Order, when after 3 years searching for religious communities, I realized that I always felt at home in the Capuchin Fraternities with the brothers and started to learn about the Capuchin Saints and Blesseds.” No wonder his favorite prayer is The Holy Mass. 

We are so grateful for all that Brother Joseph does, not only for our Order, but for all of his generous prayers and Masses he offers daily.

P.S. if you plan on taking Brother Joseph out to dinner, make sure you’re going somewhere that has Tacos de Carne Asada. 😉


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