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Holy Week Hacks: 7 Ways to deepen your faith this Easter Season

The Holy Week of Easter is an opportunity to experience a deep sense of spiritual renewal. It is a time when we reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and the joy that comes with his resurrection. There are many ways to go deeper in your faith during this Holy Week try one or multiple ad see how they can increase your faith. Let’s dive into those!

Go To Church

Many people don’t know that there are various liturgies that take place during Holy Week these include; the Palm Sunday procession, the Holy Thursday Mass, the Good Friday service, and the Easter Vigil. Each of these liturgies has a unique significance and provides a powerful way to connect with God. For example, during the Holy Thursday Mass, we remember the Last Supper and the washing of the feet, which reminds us of the importance of serving others. Attending these liturgies can remind us of the events leading up to Christ’s resurrection.


Spend additional time in personal prayer and reflection. Try to carve out extra time in the morning for prayer and meditation. You can do this at home or at a church, but it is essential to find a quiet space where you can reflect on your relationship with God. Holy Week is an opportunity to accompany Jesus in his Passion and to receive his invitation to, “Remain here and keep watch with me.”  Another great way to do this is by reading the Gospel accounts of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. By reading and reflecting on these passages, we can gain a deeper understanding of God’s tremendous love for us.


Fasting is a way of offering our sacrifices to God and uniting our suffering with the suffering of Christ. It can help us to focus on our spiritual growth and to detach from worldly desires. During Holy Week, try to fast by giving up something that you enjoy, like coffee or chocolate, all week. This is in addition to what you have fasted from all Lent. 

Serve Others

Participate in acts of service and charity. Holy Week is a time to reflect on the importance of serving others, just as Jesus did. That could be by volunteering at a local soup kitchen, visiting the sick or elderly, or donating to a charity are all ways to live out this call to service. You can also check with your parish to see if there are any parishioners that just had a baby, surgery, or medical treatments/procedures and either make them a meal or provide one through gift cards. By serving others, we can become more Christ-like and deepen our faith.

Go To Confession

Confession is such a wonderful gift and is a great way to experience God’s love for us. Many of us try to go multiple times throughout lent and as close to Easter as possible. Confessing our sins is hard. It can feel humiliating and scary. Jesus knew we would struggle with this and that is why he led by example. Can you imagine how humiliating and scary being crucified naked would have been? Jesus and all of heaven rejoice when we humble ourselves and acknowledge our shortcomings and seek forgiveness. Attending confession can bring us closer to God, and allow us to enter into Easter Sunday with a renewed sense of grace and forgiveness. Be brave, go to confession. Remember as priests we have already heard it all. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Practice gratitude

Holy Week is a time to reflect on the many blessings that we have in our lives and to express gratitude for them. Consider keeping a gratitude journal or taking time each day to reflect on what you are thankful for. You could also write a text, email, or letter to loved ones expressing your gratitude for them in your life. This practice can help us cultivate a more positive attitude and remind us of all the ways the Lord has blessed us.


Make a pilgrimage to a holy site, or shrine during Holy Week. Making a pilgrimage can be a powerful way to connect with God and deepen our faith. During Holy Week, many churches and shrines offer special services and events that can help us to grow spiritually. For example, visiting the Stations of the Cross or the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows can be a powerful way to reflect on the suffering of Christ.

Try to implement one or a few ways you can enter into a greater relationship with Jesus and dive into the mysteries of His life during this Holy Week.  There are many incredible opportunities presented during Holy Week to transform your faith. By engaging in these practices we can truly grow deeper in our relationship with God. Let us use this Holy Week as a time to challenge ourselves, and may it lead us to a more profound understanding of God’s great love for us.


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