Is God Calling You?

Answer by Living a Radical Way of Life

Saint Francis, a true disciple of Christ, taught His brothers to walk joyfully in the footprints of Christ poor, humble and crucified, so that through Him, in the Holy Spirit, they might be led to the Father

Capuchin Constitutions

Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum


St. Francis called us to be called frateres – a word which means brother. Our commitment to our Capuchin life calls us live this brotherhood – a true fraternity united by God’s grace. We live an inspired brotherhood not just within our Capuchin fraternities but also in our way of sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with people everywhere. Following the example of Christ, our Evangelical brotherhood expresses itself in our availability to all who are in need, regardless of cost to oneself. This deep sense of fraternity underlies our religious life. One of the hallmarks of the Capuchin vocation is that he is always part of a community of brothers. All activities, whether in prayer or work, are rooted in the desire to be a brother to all like Christ and Saint Francis.


Called to be with the least of society – our minority is rooted in Christ’s poverty (Phil 2:6) seen in his complete emptying Himself for our sake especially on the Cross. This sense of minority or self-emptying calls us to live a life of  austerity, to a preference for ministering to the poor and marginalized, and to commit ourselves to living the Gospel life according to the examples of St. Francis. Following the example of Saint Francis, we as Capuchin Friars Minor, are called to serve and not to be served.


The Capuchin Franciscan charism given by the Holy Spirit to the Church recaptures the contemplative life of Saint Francis in which, mirroring the life of Jesus, he spent many moments amone in silent prayer. Our life is sustained and grows by means of our time tested tradition of marrying Contemplative Prayer and Apostolic Works after the example of Saint Francis. Our Franciscan contemplative prayer feeds our apostolic works and our apostolic works in turn feed our Franciscan contemplative prayer.




Vocation Staff

Vocation Office

P.O. Box 618

Solvang, CA 93464-0618

(805) 686-4127

Vocation Retreat Weekends

Come and See

Do you feel called to be a friar? Come and experience a weekend with the friars, as they pray, serve the poor and live in brotherhood.


March 5th – 7th

National Shrine of St. Francis

610 Vallejo Street

San Francisco, CA 94133

Come and Be

This retreat is for candidates and aspirants who have already joined our previous come and see. We build on the previous retreat and focus deeper into the Capuchin identity and charisms.


Feb 26th – 28th

National Shrine of St. Francis

610 Vallejo Street

San Francisco, CA 94133

As Capuchins, we encourage men, seeking in earnest discernment, to experience our way of life thru one of our Come and See events.

We found that these men are ready to attend:

  • Spending time with the Lord in daily prayer
  • Participating in a Church or Apostolic Ministry (especially those with the poor)
  • Not in a dating relationship
  • Living and practicing a vibrant Catholic Faith
    • If you are a recent convert to the faith, we encourage you to directly work with our vocation staff to help discern this grace
  • Have experienced living in freedom from struggles such as drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual struggles
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have completed High School or equivalent


If you are considering a Religious life in the Capuchin Franciscan Order, we welcome you to fill out this form:

Vocation Inquiry Form


Assistant Vocation Director

Br. Victor will be assisting Fr. Peter Banks in the Vocation ministry. He resides in Burlingame and will be an asset in contacting young men interested in religious life.  
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Br. Alex joining vocation team

Br. Alex has accepted our request to comment and advise on the Vocation Office website. He has also been appointed Guardian of the Friary at Old Mission Santa Ines. Congratulations!
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Vocational Information

The Call

God has called you. Do not be afraid. Just like Jeremiah we often feel unsure on why we are called. We find ourselves giving many reasons not to answer. Yet we all experience a yearning to trust, that is burning within our soul. You are not alone. We, your brothers are here to walk this journey with you. The first step of this trust is simply to say “Here I am Lord”.

  • It All Begins with Prayer
  • Explore the Discernment process
  • Learn about the holy life of a Lay Brother
  • Know what is it like to be an Ordained Friar
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The Journey

“With the greatest freedom, each one must respond lovingly to this call, rooted in Baptism, so that the dignity of the human person may be in harmony with the will of God”

– Capuchin Constitution, Ch II, Article I The Vocation of Our Life

  • The Formation Process
  • Learn about Aspirancy and Postulancy
  • Life of A Novice and Post-Novitiate Studies
  • Living a Lifelong Journey of Discerning God’s Will
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Vocation Stories