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Padre Pio Prayers


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Padre Pio’s Prayer for Trust and Confidence

O Lord, we ask for a boundless confidence and trust in Your divine mercy, and the courage to accept the crosses and sufferings which bring immense goodness to our souls and that of Your Church. Help us to love You with a pure and contrite heart, and to humble ourselves beneath Your cross, as we climb the mountain of holiness, carrying our cross that leads to heavenly glory. May we receive You with great faith and love in Holy Communion, and allow You to act in us as You desire for your greater glory. O Jesus, most adorable Heart and eternal fountain of Divine Love, may our prayer find favor before the Divine Majesty of Your heavenly Father.

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enlighten the darkness of my heart
and give me true faith, certain hope and perfect charity,
sense and knowledge, Lord,
that I may carry out Your holy and true command.[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”THE PRAISES OF GOD AND THE BLESSING”][vc_column_text]Who does wonderful things.
You are strong. You are great. You are the most high.
You are the almighty king. You holy Father,
King of heaven and earth.
You are three and one, the Lord God of gods;
You are the good, all good, the highest good,
Lord God living and true…[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”THE CANTICLE OF CREATURES”][vc_column_text]Most High, all-powerful, good Lord,
Yours are the praises, the glory,
and the honour and all blessing.
To You alone, Most High, do they belong
and no human is worthy
to mention Your name.
Praised be you, my Lord,
with all Your creatures,
especially Sir Brother Sun,
who is the day,
and through whom You give us light.
And he is beautiful
and radiant with great splendour;
and bears a likeness of You, Most High one…[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”THE PRAISES TO BE SAID AT ALL THE HOURS”][vc_column_text]…All-powerful, most holy,
most high, supreme God:
all good, supreme good, totally good,
You Who alone are good,
may we give You all praise,
all glory, all thanks,
all honour, all blessing, and all good.
So be it! So be it!
Amen.[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”EXHORTATION TO THE PRAISE OF GOD”][vc_column_text]…Let every spirit praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord because He is good;
all you who read this, bless the Lord.
All you creatures, bless the Lord.
All you birds of heaven, praise the Lord.
All you children, praise the Lord.
Young men and virgins, praise the Lord.
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
to receive praise, glory, and honour.
Blessed be the Holy Trinity and Undivided Unity.
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle…[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”A PRAYER INSPIRED BY THE OUR FATHER”][vc_column_text]O Our Father most holy:
Our Creator, Redeemer, Consoler, and Saviour:
…Your kingdom come: That You may rule in us through Your grace and enable us to come to Your kingdom where there is clear vision of You, perfect love of You, blessed companionship with You, eternal enjoyment of You….[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”WE ADORE YOU”][vc_column_text]We adore You, Lord Jesus Christ,
in all Your churches throughout the world
and we bless You because
by Your holy cross
You have redeemed the world.[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”THE OFFICE OF THE PASSION OF THE LORD”][vc_column_text]…Psalm VII: Vespers
All you nations clap your hands * shout to God with a voice of gladness. For the Lord, the Most High * the Awesome, is the Great King over all the earth. For the Most Holy Father of heaven, our King before all ages * sent His Beloved Son from on high+ and has brought salvation in the midst of the earth. Let the heavens rejoice and the earth exult* let the sea and all that is in it be moved+ let the fields and all that is in them be glad. Sing a new song to Him * Sing to the Lord all the earth. Because the Lord is great and highly to be praised * awesome beyond all gods. Give to the Lord, you families of nations,† Give to the Lord glory and honour * Give to the Lord the glory due His name. Take up your bodies and carry His holy cross * and follow His most holy commands even to the end. Let the whole earth tremble before His face * tell among the nations that the Lord has ruled from a tree. He ascended into heaven† and is seated at the right hand of the most holy Father in heaven * O God, be exalted above the heavens+ and above all the earth be your glory. We know that He is coming* that He will come to judge justice….[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”PRAYER TO THE TRINITY”][vc_column_text]Fear and honour,
praise and bless,
give thanks and adore
the Lord God Almighty in Trinity and in Unity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
the Creator of all.
(From the Rnb XXI, 2)[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”THE INVITATION TO RESTORE ALL GOODS TO THE LORD”][vc_column_text]Let us refer all good
to the Lord, God Almighty and Most High,
acknowledge that every good is His,
and thank Him,
from Whom all good comes,
for everything.
May He,
The Almighty and Most High,
The only true God,
Have, be given, and receive
All honour and respect,
All praise and blessing,
All thanks and glory,
To Whom all good belongs,
He Who alone is good.[/vc_column_text][/mpc_accordion_tab][/mpc_accordion][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][mpc_button preset=”mpc_preset_37″ url=”” font_preset=”mpc_preset_20″ font_color=”#ffffff” font_size=”16″ font_transform=”uppercase” font_align=”center” title=”Send us your most precious intentions” icon=”icnm icnm-mail4″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_size=”20″ icon_effect=”stay-left” background_color=”#b39a68″ border_css=”border-width:4px;border-color:#b39a68;border-style:solid;border-radius:10px;” padding_divider=”true” padding_css=”padding-top:18px;padding-right:48px;padding-bottom:18px;padding-left:48px;” margin_divider=”true” margin_css=”margin-top:4px;” hover_font_color=”#ffffff” hover_background_color=”rgba(179,154,104,0.68)” hover_border_css=”border-color:#ffffff;”][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/qode_elements_holder_item][/qode_elements_holder][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]