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Father Joseph Seraphin’s Inspiring Visit to Our Custody in Kenya

We are delighted to share the uplifting story of Father Joseph Seraphin’s recent visit to our custody in Kenya. His journey was not just a trip but a profound mission of connection, inspiration, and solidarity with our fellow friars in Africa.

Always on Mission

Father Joseph Seraphin embodies the true spirit of a Capuchin Franciscan Friar, carrying his mission wherever he goes. His recent visit to Kenya was no exception. He traveled with a heart full of purpose, eager to share his faith and learn from the experiences of our Kenyan brothers.

Connecting with Our Kenyan Friars

During his time in Kenya, Father Joseph immersed himself in the daily lives of our friars, participating in their routines, prayers, and ministries. His presence was a source of encouragement and inspiration, strengthening the bonds within our global Capuchin community.

Father Joseph expressed deep gratitude for the warm hospitality and the enriching experiences he shared with the friars in Kenya. He marveled at their dedication to serving the local communities and their unwavering faith amidst challenges.

Highlights of the Visit

  • Community Engagement: Father Joseph spent time engaging with the local communities, witnessing firsthand the impact of our friars’ work in education, healthcare, and social services.
  • Spiritual Fellowship: He participated in numerous prayer sessions, masses, and spiritual discussions, fostering a deeper spiritual connection with the friars and the people they serve.
  • Cultural Exchange: The visit was also a beautiful exchange of cultures, where Father Joseph experienced the rich traditions of Kenya and shared insights from his own experiences.

A Source of Inspiration

Father Joseph’s visit to Kenya reminded us of the power of unity and the importance of supporting each other in our missions. His journey underscored the essence of our Franciscan values—living a life of simplicity, humility, and service to others.

Gratitude and Reflection

As Father Joseph returns from his inspiring visit, we reflect on the significance of such missions. They are not merely trips but profound experiences that deepen our faith and strengthen our commitment to serving God and His people.

We are incredibly grateful for Father Joseph’s dedication and for the warm reception from our Kenyan friars. Their collective spirit of brotherhood and service is a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring strength of our global community.

Continuing the Mission

Father Joseph’s visit is a reminder that our mission knows no boundaries. Whether we are in Kenya, America, or any corner of the world, our commitment to living out the teachings of St. Francis remains steadfast. Let us continue to support one another, inspired by the examples set by friars like Father Joseph, who remind us that we are all connected in our journey of faith and service.

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