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St. Joseph: Man of Faith, Humility, and Action

St. Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus, is a significant figure in the plan of God’s salvation. While not often mentioned in biblical accounts, his role in the life of Jesus is of great importance. Most notably, he was Jesus’s father and a carpenter, but he is also revered as the patron saint of fathers, workers, and the universal Church. His life is an inspiring example for men to be bold in their faith, to seek deep humility and take action in their lives, especially for those most vulnerable.

Courageous Faith

When confronted with the miraculous conception of Jesus, St. Joseph chose to believe in the words of the angel that spoke to him in a dream. His trust in God’s plan, even in moments of difficulty or confusion, serves as an example of how we too can live out our faith with conviction and trust. His courageous and unwavering faith is a model for all Catholics.

Deep Humility

Despite his significant role in the life of Jesus and the salvation of the world, St. Joseph never sought recognition or glory. He worked tirelessly as a carpenter to provide for his family and raised Jesus with love and care, always putting the needs of his family before his own desires. His humility reminds us that we should not seek recognition or praise for our actions but rather serve others selflessly.

Man of Action

When Mary and Jesus were in danger from King Herod, St. Joseph took immediate action to protect them by fleeing to Egypt until it was safe to return to Nazareth. He also passed on his skills and knowledge of carpentry to his son, Jesus. St. Joseph’s example teaches us to be proactive in serving God and others, and to use our talents and abilities to benefit those around us.
St. Joseph’s life serves as a powerful example for men to be bold in their faith, to seek deep humility and take action in their lives. His unwavering witness challenges us to examine our own lives and strive to imitate his virtues. As we celebrate his feast day on March 19th, let us ask for his intercession so that we may to give witness to these virtues in the difficulties and uncertainties we face, just as St. Joseph did.


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