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Discernment, Discerning Your Vocation

Your Life’s Calling: What is it and how do I discern it?

Are you feeling uncertain about your life’s calling? If you’re struggling to figure out what your true vocation is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Discerning your vocation can be a challenging and confusing process, especially when you’re trying to choose between the priesthood, religious life, celibacy or marriage. Each path is noble and worthwhile, but they require different commitments and lifestyles. It’s crucial to take the time to discern your true calling and understand what God is calling you to do. By committing yourself fully to your vocation, you can develop the virtues of your faith and become a living example of Sainthood to those around you. Fortunately, there are several effective methods that can help you discern your purpose and passion. If you’re feeling uncertain about your life’s calling, keep reading as we explore some practical ways to help you discover your vocation.

Put your faith in God

The first and most important step in discerning your vocation is to put your faith in God. Trust that He has a plan for your life and that He will guide you in the right direction. Seek His guidance in prayer, and ask Him to help you understand His will for you.

Find spiritual guidance

Seek guidance from someone who has experience in helping people discern their vocation. A spiritual director can help you gain clarity and perspective on your calling. They can offer you valuable insights and practical advice to help you make the right decision.

Reflect on your gifts and talents

Consider your unique gifts and talents and how they can be used to serve God. Think about how your talents can be best utilized in the priesthood or in marriage. Reflecting on your gifts can help you gain a better understanding of your calling.

Talk to people from all paths

Spend time with Holy married couples, priests, religious sisters and Holy singles. Ask them about their discernment journey, and what have been their biggest challenges and joys. By building these relationships you will create a support system that will help you to follow your chosen vocation. Also, consider spending time in a seminary or monastary to learn more about the priesthood or religious life. This will help you gain a better understanding of what each path entails.

Seek advice from trusted sources

Seek advice from people you trust, such as family, friends, or a trusted mentor. They may have insights into your vocation that you haven’t considered. They too can offer you support and encouragement as you navigate this process.


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