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Yesterday, Friday, January 7, at the closing mass of our XX Assembly, our custos Fr. Israel Maldonado sent forth our brother Adán Gomez  as a missionary to the land of the Amazon.
Fr. Adán will leave in the next few days to Leticia, Colombia,  to be part of the new missionary team of the international Capuchin fraternity in the Amazon.
We want to ask for his prayers for him, for this new missionary project in our Order and the Church, and for all the custodies and provinces, that in a certain way, participate in the project.
Thanks to our brother Adán for saying yes to this missionary vocation, thanks to his family. Also, thank you all for your prayers and support during this Annual Assembly.
May the Lord give us all his grace and grant us his peace!
We bless you, 0 God, and we praise your name. In your merciful providence you sent your Son into the world to free us from the bondage of sin by his own blood and to enrich us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Before he returned, triumphant over death, to you, Father, he sent his apostles, the bearers of his love and power, to proclaim the Gospel of life to all peoples and in the waters of baptism to cleanse those who believe.
Lord, look kindly on Adan: we send him forth as a messenger of salvation and peace, marked with the sign of the cross.
Guide his steps with your mighty arm and with the power of your grace strengthen him in spirit, so that he will not falter through weariness.
Make his words the echo of Christ’s voice, so that those who hear them may be drawn to obey the Gospel.
Fill the heart of Adan with the Holy Spirit, so that, becoming all things to all people, he may lead many to you, the Father of all, to sing your praises in your holy Church.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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